Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Entropia Universe Ultimate PEDs Guide: Ways to earn PEDs Easy

Entropia Universe has provided many ways to earn PEDs. But, they require lots of skills and time to actually see the profits. Today I'll be introducing you one of the BEST ways to earn Entropia PEDs. From this methods, thousands of Entropia Universe PEDs have been accumulated and is still growing! Find out more from this guide.

What are the ways to Earn PEDs Quickly?

Let's learn the easiest ways of earning Entropia PEDs for those who want to be financially free. Entropia Universe economy is similar to real life, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Harsh facts but thats the reality. The richer thinks this is good as it is benefiting them. Below are 2 ways to earn PEDs quickly to make you richer :

Earning Entropia PEDs method #1 : Entropia Partners

One of the most unique sites to earn Entropia PEDs. How it works? The site provides countless Earning Opportunities for the players such as watching a short video, completing simple offers or surveys, participating in free raffles to Earn and Win PEDs.

This method is highly recommended for players who want to earn PEDs quickly. There are 3 reasons for this :

  • First reason is Entropia Partners does transaction quickly so you will be able to withdraw your PEDs within minutes. 
  • Second reason is Entropia Partners is a free site so you don't have to spend money and you still can Earn Entropia PEDs! 
  • Third reason is Entropia Partners offers Vibrant Sweat for 2PED/k! You can earn PEDs from the site and also sell your sweats to a trusted buyer! Below is a easy step by step guide for you!

  • Step 1: Sign up at Entropia Partners
To get started, login to Entropia Partners. Not a member? Sign up here

  •  Step 2: Watch a video 
Click on "Video Offers". 

  • Select any available videos to earn PEDs.

  • You will receive your PEDs when the "Close" box turns green. 

  • Step 3: Micro Tasks
Micro Tasks provides high earning which varies on the type of offers you are doing. Micro-Tasks is the best way to earn PEDs in Entropia Partners.

  • Step 4: Selling Vibrant Sweat
Sell Vibrant Sweat at 2PED/k to Entropia Partners.

  • Step 5: Withdraw your PEDs
Withdraw your PEDs from "Request Withdraw". 

  • The names of EP representatives will show up and click one that is online. You will enter a chatbox with the representative. They will guide and inform you the location for the transaction to be made.

  • Step 6: Free Raffles
Stand a chance to WIN Daily & Weekly PEDs.

Earning Entropia PEDs method #2 : StuffPoint

What is StuffPoint?
StuffPoint is one of the Free site that allows members to redeem game credits such as Entropia Universe PEDs and Second Life Lindens. Members can easily earn points by watching a video, completing surveys or offers, voting on polls and playing games. StuffPoint also features contest where participants can win HUGE points. This accumulated points are later redeemed for Entropia PEDs and more game credits!

Why choose StuffPoint? 
Let me tell you 3 reasons :
  •  The first reason is StuffPoint allows members to earn points quickly. You can Earn points when you play a game, watch a video or vote! 
  • The second reason is StuffPoint provides players with good opportunities to Earn points. You can join contests, compete and win points, post a video and get points too! 
  • The third reason is StuffPoint is user friendly. There are many admins around and if you have any issues you can shout it out at the chatbox in StuffPoint. It has a huge member base so many experience members will also guide you. Below is a step by step guide for you!

  • Step 1: Sign up at StuffPoint
Get started by registering at StuffPoint here

  • Step 2: Select your preferred categories to earn points
Click on " Earn Points".There are many categories to choose from. Pick one that you prefer.

  • Step 3: Redeem your Entropia Universe PEDs
Redeem your PEDs from "Spend points" on the "Earn points" section

What are the best ways to earn points?
Let's take a look at some of the best options on StuffPoint.

1.CrowdFlower: Assures that you get your points and if you don't. Click "request support" to get your points.
2.SuperSonic Ad: Overall good payout and system is in working conditions.
3.TrialPay: Gives points almost all the time!

How long will does it take to receive my game credits? 
After you redeemed for your Entropia PEDs, your account will undergo a review process to ensure that you do not have multiple accounts and you have done all the tasks properly. You will then receive your Entropia PEDs in about 1-3 business days.

In case you missed and you want to sign up...
Not a member of Entropia Partners & StuffPoint? Don't miss this exclusive chance!
Click here to Earn PEDs in Entropia Partners.
Click here to Earn PEDs in StuffPoint.

Using Entropia Partners while Sweating

While you sweat, do Entropia Partners! Below is the preferred game setting you can use while you use EP while sweating :

  • Go to Option Menu from "Escape" button in Entropia Universe. Change your game settings to this :